--Myanmar market development opportunities
    1. Rapid economic growth
    Among the top 10 countries in the world economy announced by the World Bank in 2017, Myanmar ranked ninth with a growth rate of 6.9%.
    2. Domestic and foreign markets
    Myanmar is strategically located on the border with many countries and borders on the Bay of Bengal in the south. It has two major ports, Yangon Port and Hongqiao Port, which can fully border the international market. In terms of the domestic market, according to the statistics of the World Bank, Myanmar’s total domestic consumption accounts for 24.6% of GDP, which can increase the space.
    3. Political environment is stable
    After the 2011 general election, the military and political parties worked together to provide a stable and enlightened social environment for Myanmar.
    4. Economic policy that is sufficiently open
    In October 2016, the new Myanmar Investment Law was enacted, which encouraged foreign investment in Myanmar and promoted a five-year economic development plan, which provided a direction for Myanmar's future economic development.